Spend the day as Ichirou, Imani, or Ayasha as they try to navigate a regular day with the limited mental and physical energy at their disposal.

This was made for Actual Adult Games Game Jam 2019 in two weeks (although I joined a week late, so. A week for me, haha.)

Ayasha is currently unavailable to play as I ran out of time to complete that character's day, but I will update this game with art to represent character speech (as I meant to do originally, which is why they don't have names above them) and to add specific elements I ran out of time for.

All the same, I hope you enjoy this prototype!

5/16/19 Update:

I fixed some minor glitches I noticed and also added simple faces for the dialogue so you can distinguish speakers. The drawings are done by me in a short amount of time to try to get it closer to the prototype I had in mind.

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